My First Love Letter in Months



Today was the first time in months that I sat down and wrote a love letter. Life has been a bit sad, a bit dark, and a bit overwhelming lately and without even realizing it, I stopped writing. I stopped sharing my heart. I stopped loving in the way I like to love most.

So, to celebrate the moment of opening my heart again to my love letter writing practice, I went to a cozy spot, ordered something warm and yummy, and let the words flow right on out of me. It wasn’t easy at first, I felt guarded. I felt almost like I needed to protect my heart from the feelings I was about to feel, but with a little grace and a lot of love, my words came flooding out of me.

It’s funny how sometimes we have a tendency to hold things in or bottle things up and hide them away as if they don’t even exist. The mentality that, if I can’t feel it then it isn’t there. Does anyone else do this? That’s where I have been for months. With the death of my grandmother, my mother being in the hospital for a few weeks, and being pregnant through it all, I went into survival mode and for me that means hibernation. No feelings coming out or going in.

This. Is. Not. A. Healthy. Place.

As a friend once told me, “Its fine if you are in a hole, but don’t decorate it, you don’t live there.” Gosh, that is just the best advice EVER.

As I have begun to climb out of this hole I swear I was about to start decorating, I realized that man o’ man, I needed some major reflection time. Weeks went by before I gave myself permission to do this. I kept telling myself that I would deal with it tomorrow and before I knew it, tomorrow turned into almost a month. Listen, I am all about grace, but this girl needed a plan, swift kick in the tail feathers, and some ding dang motivation.


1) Self love in the form of movement and diet - get off the couch and put down the marshmallows.

2) WRITE! - This is the ticket for me! I needed to write. Just start. Just start. Just pick up the pen and START!

3) Write love letters - Well, friends this is where I stumbled and procrastinated and distracted myself into doing anything else. This was the real work. This was the heart work that I needed so so badly, and today, after the weeks of stalling, I wrote my first love letter.

It wasn’t effortless. It took me several tries to my words right. To find the words I truly wanted to express to the world and to shout into the void. However, with a little bit of patience they came and I find myself sitting here, wondering why I waited so long. Why did I put off doing the things that I know would heal and help?

I wish I had answers to these questions, but for now, I leave you with the words I shared in the first love letter I have dropped in months:

Dear Friend,

Every season is meant to teach us something new. The lessons might not always be clear. They might not always be perfectly tied up with a bow easy for us to understand. Instead, they might be hidden in the muddy hole, and we might have to get a little dirty to find them. However they may come, these lessons we are given are each there like a treasure for our hearts and souls to use in order to keep moving us forward. Don’t be fearful of anything that is to come. It is all shaping us into the people we are meant to become. Be grateful for each experience and fill your heart to the brim with the love and life that is still to come.


Nicole Ahr

Founder - The Love Letter Library

Valentine's Day Love Letter Dropping Fun

v-day love letter download.png
Valentine's Day Love Letters - Downloadable.jpg

If you choose to join us in this Valentine's Day Love Letter dropping fun, please share on social media, tag us @theloveletterlibrary and use the hashtag #StopDropandLoveLetter.

We will be giving away several 5 pack sets of our Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery to  lucky social media participants! 

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friends. 

I hope you know how much you are truly loved. 

xoxo - Nicole Ahr 

Founder - The Love Letter Library

As soon as Christmas is over, I am instantly ready for Valentine's Day. I am such a sucker for heart shaped anything (for obvious, I love, love reasons) and my heart just wants to buy pink and red everything. 

I have decided to share with you my Valentine's Day outfit(oooor this might be the February uniform). You can find everything on Amazon and it is all Prime-able. What more could you ask for? 

The clutch is by Dear Drew, Drew Barrymore's clothing company. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. If there was ever a bag for me, this is it. The ever eclectic Betsy Johnson designed the swoon worthy, glitter heeled boots that I am not sure I will ever take off my feet. LOVE.

Start With Love - Chia Seed Pudding Recipe



I am not a breakfast person. I love breakfast foods, but very much dislike eating early in the morning. My first meal is usually around 10 am and even then it is something small. However, this chia seed pudding recipe has been a breakfast game-changer. It is light, delicious, and filled with nutrients and fiber that keep me full for hours. 

Even better than that, it is easy to prepare and keeps in the refrigerator for days. 

This recipe is a simple way to start your day with love by giving your body the fuel it needs to carry you through your day. 

If you find yourself making this recipe, leave me a comment below. I would love to know what you think.

Start With Love - Chia Seed Pudding

(This recipe makes one chia seed pudding cup)

  1. Shake canned coconut milk well to combine the solid (fat) with the liquid (coconut water).
  2. Pour coconut milk into a jar.
  3. Add chia seeds, almond milk, and cinnamon.
  4. Shake Jar for a few minutes. Let it sit in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and then shake again. 
  5. Allow chia seed pudding to set-up for about an hour or overnight in the refrigerator.
  6. Top with your favorite fruit and enjoy!

If you are interested in making more than one batch of chia seed pudding, you can divide the entire can of coconut milk between 4 pint-sized jars and follow the recipe from step 3 for each jar. 

Start your day with love and a little bit of chia seed pudding! 



Nicole Ahr - Founder The Love Letter Library

Everyday Christmas

I am just a girl who loves love and loves Christmas. I listen to Christmas music year round and the theme of my July birthday party has been Christmas more than once. I love so much about Christmas, but the music just speaks to my soul! It is on in my car year-round and when I was a classroom teacher, you can bet that my students listened to it year-round as well. I created this playlist for you to listen along with me. I am so pleased to share some of my all-time favorites like Hanson (yes, the boy band Hanson!) and Reba alongside some of my new go-to's like Kacey Musgraves and Johnnyswim. 

I would love to know your favorite Christmas songs as well. Leave me a comment and let me know what is on your playlist from year to year. 

Cozy up by a fire, make yourself a cup of cocoa and listen with me to the Everyday Christmas playlist. Merry happy everything to you, my friends! 

Desktop Dreaming

I don't know about you, but I have a deep affinity for all things office supply. I get such a thrill out a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and the smell of a brand new roll of Scotch Tape. (High five for anyone who recognizes that slight movie reference. Hint: It's my favorite movie of ALL time.) There is just something about having all the things to help you keep your life in order even if, let's be honest, sometimes it is just the illusion of organization. 

I have been dreaming of some pretty things to add to my desk to update and freshen my workspace. I thought I would share a few of them here with you!

Click the images to shop these dreamy desk finds.


. . . and because I am always dress-like-a-polar-bear cold.


Dreaming of re-doing my desk and workspace has been on my heart lately. I would love to know all of your tips, tricks, and methods for staying organized and on top of life.

Follow The Love Friday

For the past few Fridays I have been dropping love letters and taking my Instagram followers along with me via the stories features. It was been so dang fun to share with you all of my favorite places to drop love letters. My heart swells with gratitude for people following along, cheering along, and joining in. Follow us on Instagram and join in the love letter dropping fun. 


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Let's write love letters and change the world.

Memorial Trees + Moments LikeThese

A dear friend of mine recently sent me this image of her daughter, Lana with a love letter while on their family vacation to New York City. During their stay they dropped many love letters, but one in particular made quite an impact.

As they walked through the World Trade Center's Museum and Memorial looking at pictures and talking about the events that had taken place there many years before, Lana asked if she could leave a love letter there. 

When my friend, Melissa text me explaining that Lana had chosen to leave her letter at the Memorial Tree at the World Trade Center, my entire being was filled with gratitude. My eyes filled with tears and goosebumps covered my body. In a situation where most feel helpless and hopeless at the knowledge of hate of this magnitude, this young girl made a choice to grow love. She found a place in this world that had been completely destroyed by hate and she planted a seed of love. 

Her love letter is now housed in the museum along side the other artifacts that have been left and will be left for many years to come. 

We could all take a moment to learn from these tiny hands.

In place of hate, grow love. 

In place of greed, grow generosity.

In place of discontent, grow gratitude. 

Thank you, to this beautiful family for taking my simple idea and turning it into the very best thing I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. 

Join us by purchasing your own set of Love Letters For Littles 

The Saturday Love Letter Series

If you follow us on Instagram, then you have probably heard about the new addition to our newsletter, The Saturday Love Letter Series. Every Saturday we write and send a love letter directly to your inbox. It includes a square image to share on social media, if you are moved to do so as well as a love letter written from our hearts to yours. 

Here is a sample from our first Saturday Love Letter Series:



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Love Letter Happenings Lately

Creating a community of people who not only love love, but love sharing that love with the world is something that has been screaming from my heart for some time now. I have dreams of this website being a hub for people to come and draw inspiration as well as feel that they are a beacon of inspiration for others. I dream that those people will at some point gather in person and share their hearts and bear their souls in an effort grow love. Ah, you guys I have such big plans. I have such BIG plans. And yet, I am continually reminded and humbled that I am one girl with two hands that can only create so quickly. But, my heart, my heart is always stretching and reaching and growing and longing for the dreams that are yet to be. 

Until then, I am here, with my wide open heart sharing and creating as much as I can just as fast as I can. I have made it a goal of mine to blog more regularly in a effort to feed the content of this website and cultivate the community I have been longing for. So if you are here loving with me, there is not enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude for you. 

Here are a few images and words describing the happenings around here lately:

I made my first in-person appearance as The Love Letter Library and it was nothing short of magic! If you live in the San Antonio area, I will now be set-up every second Sunday of the month at BRICK Market at Blue Star Arts Complex.


Creating new products and seeing your positive reactions and feedback is just the best, my friends, just the best. 


I hope that your day is filled with nothing but...


Love + a Cocktail

If drinking a cocktail from our new Start with Love Mug is wrong, I don't want to be right.

 The Falling in Love Cocktail

for the drink:  equal parts ginger beer, apple juice, and vodka (I used 3 ounces of each)

for the rim:  dip rim in honey and then in brown sugar and cinnamon mixture

Enjoy on the back porch with the almost Fall, cool breeze and with the company of your favorite people.


Cheers + Happy Friday