Follow The Love Friday

For the past few Fridays I have been dropping love letters and taking my Instagram followers along with me via the stories features. It was been so dang fun to share with you all of my favorite places to drop love letters. My heart swells with gratitude for people following along, cheering along, and joining in. Follow us on Instagram and join in the love letter dropping fun. 


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Let's write love letters and change the world.

Memorial Trees + Moments LikeThese

A dear friend of mine recently sent me this image of her daughter, Lana with a love letter while on their family vacation to New York City. During their stay they dropped many love letters, but one in particular made quite an impact.

As they walked through the World Trade Center's Museum and Memorial looking at pictures and talking about the events that had taken place there many years before, Lana asked if she could leave a love letter there. 

When my friend, Melissa text me explaining that Lana had chosen to leave her letter at the Memorial Tree at the World Trade Center, my entire being was filled with gratitude. My eyes filled with tears and goosebumps covered my body. In a situation where most feel helpless and hopeless at the knowledge of hate of this magnitude, this young girl made a choice to grow love. She found a place in this world that had been completely destroyed by hate and she planted a seed of love. 

Her love letter is now housed in the museum along side the other artifacts that have been left and will be left for many years to come. 

We could all take a moment to learn from these tiny hands.

In place of hate, grow love. 

In place of greed, grow generosity.

In place of discontent, grow gratitude. 

Thank you, to this beautiful family for taking my simple idea and turning it into the very best thing I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. 

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The Saturday Love Letter Series

If you follow us on Instagram, then you have probably heard about the new addition to our newsletter, The Saturday Love Letter Series. Every Saturday we write and send a love letter directly to your inbox. It includes a square image to share on social media, if you are moved to do so as well as a love letter written from our hearts to yours. 

Here is a sample from our first Saturday Love Letter Series:



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Love Letter Happenings Lately

Creating a community of people who not only love love, but love sharing that love with the world is something that has been screaming from my heart for some time now. I have dreams of this website being a hub for people to come and draw inspiration as well as feel that they are a beacon of inspiration for others. I dream that those people will at some point gather in person and share their hearts and bear their souls in an effort grow love. Ah, you guys I have such big plans. I have such BIG plans. And yet, I am continually reminded and humbled that I am one girl with two hands that can only create so quickly. But, my heart, my heart is always stretching and reaching and growing and longing for the dreams that are yet to be. 

Until then, I am here, with my wide open heart sharing and creating as much as I can just as fast as I can. I have made it a goal of mine to blog more regularly in a effort to feed the content of this website and cultivate the community I have been longing for. So if you are here loving with me, there is not enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude for you. 

Here are a few images and words describing the happenings around here lately:

I made my first in-person appearance as The Love Letter Library and it was nothing short of magic! If you live in the San Antonio area, I will now be set-up every second Sunday of the month at BRICK Market at Blue Star Arts Complex.


Creating new products and seeing your positive reactions and feedback is just the best, my friends, just the best. 


I hope that your day is filled with nothing but...


Love + a Cocktail

If drinking a cocktail from our new Start with Love Mug is wrong, I don't want to be right.

 The Falling in Love Cocktail

for the drink:  equal parts ginger beer, apple juice, and vodka (I used 3 ounces of each)

for the rim:  dip rim in honey and then in brown sugar and cinnamon mixture

Enjoy on the back porch with the almost Fall, cool breeze and with the company of your favorite people.


Cheers + Happy Friday

Stop Drop + Love Letter

I am a girl who likes to dream big. I mean BIG! I get excited about things and it is like tiny explosions of glee erupt from my heart. I can't sleep and the only thing that I talk about is the idea I have had. That's what it was like when I had the idea for Stop Drop and Love Letter. I stayed up all night and designed an envelope and stationery. The next day I was at the store buying supplies. I write 28 love letters in one day and each day of February I dropped one in a public place in my hometown, San Antonio. On Instagram I shared the image of where I left each letter as well as the words of love I wrote. 

The beauty of a blank piece of stationery is that it has the potential to be whatever it is meant to be, a quote, a picture, a love letter, there are no rules. This was the first of hundreds of letters I have written:

"Dear Friend,

If you found this love letter, then it belongs to you. The words that I have written from my heart were meant for your heart to hear. Thank you for picking it up and allowing it to be a part of your day as well as a part of your life.

I hope that you feel love.

Take this moment right now to look up from this letter and notice all of the love that is around you.  Maybe it’s a bird chirping or the warmth of the suns rays on your face.  Whatever it is, notice it.  Take stock of what is happening right now. I promise you it is beautiful and perfect and it is all unfolding just for you.

Use your light every day,  even just for a second, to point out the good in the world to others.

Thank you for being you!

xoxo, The Love Letter Library"


People began to take notice and just as fast as I was posting on social media, they were ordering their own Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery. People from all over the world were writing and sharing, growing and connecting. Spreading love farther than I could have imagined. There are currently letters being written and shared in 15 states, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and Germany. 

Write a love letter. Drop in the world. Grow wild love.

Join us.

Love and Birthdays

So, I am one of those people that celebrates all of the little things in life. Discovering a new kind of coffee, getting to go on an adventure during the middle of the week, using a fancy cocktail glass to drink lemonade, finding an entire family of yard flamingos on sale.  These are all cause for a celebration! So when it comes time for my birthday, celebrating is a must. 

In honor of life and new beginnings we are having a giveaway/discount combo! From today through Sunday we will be offering 10% off all orders and for every order you place your name will be entered in to win one of our not-yet-released "Love Is My Jam" tote bags! There will be 3 winners. When checking out enter the code: LOVEANDBIRTHDAYS in all caps. 

Here's to new beginnings, love letters, and celebrations. 

xoxo, Nicole Ahr

New Things + Heart Strings

I have to say, it feels like change is in the air lately. And not like a cool breeze either, like a dense fog that I can't seem to navigate my way out of. It's strange, but I feel so comfortable here in this unknown, unclear space. Like the idea of not being able to see 5 feet ahead of me in life is the grandest adventure.

Who knew that I would quit my job as a teacher? Yep, I will not be going back this coming school year. It was a difficult decision and at the same time it was a very long time coming. I know that I cannot ever have a job where I am not doing something to make the world a better place and what better place to start then with kids. I loved teaching them and opening their eyes to things they had never thought of before, and yet the continuous tug of my heart strings were telling me teaching wasn't the right place for me. I will miss the kids like crazy. Every. Single. Day. But, how could I stand in front of a room of children and encourage them to follow their hearts and not being doing the same for myself? It took me a bit to realize that teaching wasn't my path, but when I did I was steadfast on finding what it was that was going to bring me happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. So, here I stand surrounded by the foggy unknown with a smile on my face and full beating heart ready for anything.

This may be the most unclear I have ever been about what is going to happen next in my life, but I am so very grateful that I get to share it with you. 

Here's to adventure, freedom, and LOVE! 


A Little Closer

Dear Friends, 

If you and I lived close enough together, I would invite you over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or if the day ran long enough, maybe even both. I would ask how you are doing. If your heart was filled with all that it needs. We would talk about life and love and laugh about how crazy the world can be.

I would tell you that becoming an entrepreneur is one of most courageous and liberating things I have ever done. 

I would tell you that I want to plan a midnight pinata party to kick off summer. 

I would tell you that my heart has been aching for adventure. Something different to breakup the steady pace of everyday life. 

I would tell you that I would rather be doing anything then fixing my hair or cleaning my car :)

I would tell you how badly I want to read a good book, but have been struggling so greatly to find one that grabs my attention. 

I would tell you that because you are here, I am better. Because you are here, I am dreaming just a little bit bigger. 

I would tell you that I am forever grateful for this journey. 

What would you tell me?



Nicole Ahr

The Love Letter Library


If you happen to find yourself in the San Antonio area, stop by CommonWealth Coffeehouse and checkout our Stop Drop and Love Letter Bundles! 

Love Yourself First

Dear Friends, 

I don't know about you, but recently I have found myself pulled in what seems like a thousand different directions. Doing things for other people, working and worrying, and not taking any time for myself.

I am not getting enough sleep.

I am worrying and stressing about every detail.

I am not feeding my body the things that it needs to be healthy.

I am not exercising.

I am not meditating.

It is so easy for us to forget that our own self care is just as important as the care we give to the people and things around us. And that the love that we show to ourselves is just as important as the love we give to the world. 

If our own cups are empty, how will we be able to properly pour love out of them and give to others?

Remember to take care of yourself and show love to yourself first, so that what you have to give to others is the best you have to offer. Take time out of each day just for you. Even if all you can spare is a moment, take it and feel grateful for it. 

My recent mantra has been, "fill your cup, love yourself first" and the more I remind myself of this, the more time I have found to set aside. Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder to practice the things that fill our hearts. 

How do you love yourself first?

How do you fill your cup?



The Love Letter Library