A Little Closer

Dear Friends, 

If you and I lived close enough together, I would invite you over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or if the day ran long enough, maybe even both. I would ask how you are doing. If your heart was filled with all that it needs. We would talk about life and love and laugh about how crazy the world can be.

I would tell you that becoming an entrepreneur is one of most courageous and liberating things I have ever done. 

I would tell you that I want to plan a midnight pinata party to kick off summer. 

I would tell you that my heart has been aching for adventure. Something different to breakup the steady pace of everyday life. 

I would tell you that I would rather be doing anything then fixing my hair or cleaning my car :)

I would tell you how badly I want to read a good book, but have been struggling so greatly to find one that grabs my attention. 

I would tell you that because you are here, I am better. Because you are here, I am dreaming just a little bit bigger. 

I would tell you that I am forever grateful for this journey. 

What would you tell me?



Nicole Ahr

The Love Letter Library


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