Love and Birthdays

So, I am one of those people that celebrates all of the little things in life. Discovering a new kind of coffee, getting to go on an adventure during the middle of the week, using a fancy cocktail glass to drink lemonade, finding an entire family of yard flamingos on sale.  These are all cause for a celebration! So when it comes time for my birthday, celebrating is a must. 

In honor of life and new beginnings we are having a giveaway/discount combo! From today through Sunday we will be offering 10% off all orders and for every order you place your name will be entered in to win one of our not-yet-released "Love Is My Jam" tote bags! There will be 3 winners. When checking out enter the code: LOVEANDBIRTHDAYS in all caps. 

Here's to new beginnings, love letters, and celebrations. 

xoxo, Nicole Ahr