New Things + Heart Strings

I have to say, it feels like change is in the air lately. And not like a cool breeze either, like a dense fog that I can't seem to navigate my way out of. It's strange, but I feel so comfortable here in this unknown, unclear space. Like the idea of not being able to see 5 feet ahead of me in life is the grandest adventure.

Who knew that I would quit my job as a teacher? Yep, I will not be going back this coming school year. It was a difficult decision and at the same time it was a very long time coming. I know that I cannot ever have a job where I am not doing something to make the world a better place and what better place to start then with kids. I loved teaching them and opening their eyes to things they had never thought of before, and yet the continuous tug of my heart strings were telling me teaching wasn't the right place for me. I will miss the kids like crazy. Every. Single. Day. But, how could I stand in front of a room of children and encourage them to follow their hearts and not being doing the same for myself? It took me a bit to realize that teaching wasn't my path, but when I did I was steadfast on finding what it was that was going to bring me happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. So, here I stand surrounded by the foggy unknown with a smile on my face and full beating heart ready for anything.

This may be the most unclear I have ever been about what is going to happen next in my life, but I am so very grateful that I get to share it with you. 

Here's to adventure, freedom, and LOVE!