Stop Drop + Love Letter

I am a girl who likes to dream big. I mean BIG! I get excited about things and it is like tiny explosions of glee erupt from my heart. I can't sleep and the only thing that I talk about is the idea I have had. That's what it was like when I had the idea for Stop Drop and Love Letter. I stayed up all night and designed an envelope and stationery. The next day I was at the store buying supplies. I write 28 love letters in one day and each day of February I dropped one in a public place in my hometown, San Antonio. On Instagram I shared the image of where I left each letter as well as the words of love I wrote. 

The beauty of a blank piece of stationery is that it has the potential to be whatever it is meant to be, a quote, a picture, a love letter, there are no rules. This was the first of hundreds of letters I have written:

"Dear Friend,

If you found this love letter, then it belongs to you. The words that I have written from my heart were meant for your heart to hear. Thank you for picking it up and allowing it to be a part of your day as well as a part of your life.

I hope that you feel love.

Take this moment right now to look up from this letter and notice all of the love that is around you.  Maybe it’s a bird chirping or the warmth of the suns rays on your face.  Whatever it is, notice it.  Take stock of what is happening right now. I promise you it is beautiful and perfect and it is all unfolding just for you.

Use your light every day,  even just for a second, to point out the good in the world to others.

Thank you for being you!

xoxo, The Love Letter Library"


People began to take notice and just as fast as I was posting on social media, they were ordering their own Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery. People from all over the world were writing and sharing, growing and connecting. Spreading love farther than I could have imagined. There are currently letters being written and shared in 15 states, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and Germany. 

Write a love letter. Drop in the world. Grow wild love.

Join us.