Love Letter Happenings Lately

Creating a community of people who not only love love, but love sharing that love with the world is something that has been screaming from my heart for some time now. I have dreams of this website being a hub for people to come and draw inspiration as well as feel that they are a beacon of inspiration for others. I dream that those people will at some point gather in person and share their hearts and bear their souls in an effort grow love. Ah, you guys I have such big plans. I have such BIG plans. And yet, I am continually reminded and humbled that I am one girl with two hands that can only create so quickly. But, my heart, my heart is always stretching and reaching and growing and longing for the dreams that are yet to be. 

Until then, I am here, with my wide open heart sharing and creating as much as I can just as fast as I can. I have made it a goal of mine to blog more regularly in a effort to feed the content of this website and cultivate the community I have been longing for. So if you are here loving with me, there is not enough thank you's in the world to express my gratitude for you. 

Here are a few images and words describing the happenings around here lately:

I made my first in-person appearance as The Love Letter Library and it was nothing short of magic! If you live in the San Antonio area, I will now be set-up every second Sunday of the month at BRICK Market at Blue Star Arts Complex.


Creating new products and seeing your positive reactions and feedback is just the best, my friends, just the best. 


I hope that your day is filled with nothing but...