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The Things I Learned From Love

Dear Friends,

This journey has brought me closer and closer to a place of living my life through nothing but love. Everyday I feel my heart swell with gratitude and beat with joy that I am here walking this path and sharing this dream with the world.

The past few months, I have learned so much from opening my heart and sharing it. These are a few of the things that choosing to act with intentional love has taught me.

The Things I Learned From Love

I have learned that the most important kind of love in your life is the love you create and give freely. The kind of love that walks straight out of your heart and lives in the world because of you. That is the kind of love that created ripples of change. Without a doubt The Beatles said it best, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Even though every person in this world is walking their own uniquely beautiful path, we all need and strive from connection.  There is almost something magical that happens when people gather together to connect and grow. I have taken great stock of this over the past few months. Connection, radical connection, there is nothing quite like it. I am not talking about a friendly hello, I am talking about that moment when someone you just met says something that speaks directly to your soul or when through happenstance you stumble upon a love letter written for anyone but somehow only meant for you. It is so easy to walk passively through your day not taking time to notice those around you. I am learning that those people, those strangers all have a story to tell, they have a wise word or two to share, and if given the chance just might share it. Through love I have learned that it is better together.

I have learned that it takes the tiniest of loving gestures to truly make a difference in someones life. A good morning text, a fresh cup of coffee, or a love letter written just for them all have the power to change the course of someone’s day or maybe even life. You hold the power to facilitate that change. You are the secret ingredient to a more loving world. Everything begins and ends with you and your heart. Taking the time each day to show love to the people around you has the ability to light a fire of love that could burn in their hearts for eternity. What beautiful and perfect potential that is to change the world.

I have learned that the words you write that are meant to be shared with others are sometimes the words that your heart most needs to hear.

I have learned that the love you most need is not found from an outside source, but from within.

I have learned that love can be defined using infinitely different definitions.

I have learned that love is a verb. 

I have learned that I am love.   




The Love Letter Library


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