From My Heart To Yours




My heart is filled and over flowing with gratitude for you being here.

This tiny space I have virtually carved out for love to thrive is based on and formed by connection.  So, my friends, lets get to know each other better and connect, even if just for a moment! 

I am the kind of girl that wants to hug you before I even know your name.  I fearlessly wear my heart on my sleeve and share it with others as often as I possibly can. 

I have the ability to turn a stranger into friend within the course of a moment.

I was a middle school English teacher for 6 years before I passionately created the world you have just become a part of. My love of reading, writing, and teaching others to follow their own hearts is what has led me here. 

I fancy myself a bit of a adventurer. I believe that truly living means collecting experiences and bravely leaping away from comfort. Whether it be white water rafting in Costa Rica, camping in the mountains of New Mexico, or backpacking across Europe, the life that I have created for myself  is abundantly filled with my love for adventure, change, and trying new things.


At any given moment, I can be found eating thai food with friends, going on adventures with my husband, dancing under the full moon, or ferociously working on building my dreams. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will curl up, get comfortable, and stay for a while. 

Nicole Ahr


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