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If you have a vision of what you desire your life to look like, this is the place for you. Here you will find all you need to set out and reach your goals. There is never a better time than now to make the changes you have been dreaming of. Everything from health, creativity, jobs, wealth, and family is within your reach. Each action we take, moves us in a direction. Move forward with the fun and purpose driven activities here to jump start your dreams and create the life you desire. 


Create a Vision Board

I am a visual person by every sense of the word. For this reason and about a million more, I regularly create vision boards as a means to narrow the focus of my dreams and desires. If you have never heard of a vision board before, they are basically goal manifesting collages that are seriously helpful in guiding you to create a life you love. 

Truth be told, I felt a bit silly when making my first vision board. How on earth was cutting out images and words going to help me fulfill my destiny and make all my dreams come true? But sure enough, whenever I would lose focus or feel defeated by whatever was going on, there was my vision board as a silent reminder of the things I truly wanted to work towards. Like a love letter to my future self just waiting for me to make things happen. Magic, I tell you, magic! 

I’ve been making them for five years either on my birthday or around the start of a new year. That being said, there is no perfect time to create a vision board, so get out the scissors and tape, and make one because, being connected to your personal truth is never a wasted effort.

Let's get visioning! 

Here are my go-to steps to creating a kick-booty vision board:

  1. Make a list of the areas in your life that are important to you. (family/friends, career, health, creativity, wealth, love, travel, etc.) Really think about the areas of your life that you would like to focus on. Breathe deeply into what you'd like to grow. When was the last time you truly thought about it was that you wanted? Focus on the areas that will bring your heart the most joy. Those are the topics to stick with.

    BONUS - next to each area of focus write down how you want to feel as you are growing them and once you have achieved them.

  2. Start a Pinterest board or grab yourself some magazines. (click here to see my on going Pinterest - vision board) Here comes the fun part. Look at your areas of focus list and feelings and look for images that represent them. For example, if you want to feel free to travel the world, you might look for images in exotic places. Once you have found enough images, look for words, phrases, colors, or patterns that inspire you. Don't overthink it. Go with you what your gut is telling you and most importantly have fun! PS - As a part of our Love Your Life ecouse, you will receive a printable of my favorite vision board words and phrases to use when creating your own. Click the link below to join.

  3. Draft out your images on your board. Organize your images however you like. There are no rules. If your images don't cover the entire board, don't worry. This space can be left empty with the eventual intention to add more as you become inspired.

  4. Hang your board someplace you will see it often. You might want to make a smaller board to keep on your desk at work, or hang it in the bathroom as a reminder when getting ready for the day. The idea is you want to keep your vision and feelings in the front of your mind. My favorite tip here is to take a photo of your vision board and make it the wallpaper on your computer and/or phone.

  5. Feel it and be it. Daydream, visualize, focus your intentions, and get excited about what you are bringing into your life. The more you can see and feel your vision board as being your reality the more you will attract the things on it.

  6. Share it. Show it to your friends and family, or better yet, ask if they want to come over for a vision board party and create them together.

    BONUS - I would love nothing more than to see your vision boards. If you feel like sharing, send me an email ( or message me through Instagram. I’d love to help celebrate your goals with you!