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Loving your life starts with recognizing all of the beauty and love that it holds. So often we look at the negative things, the troubles we might be having, or the things we don't have. Instead of placing our focus on this, what if we intentionally saw and appreciated all of the good that surrounds us in every moment? What if we not only saw the good, but we appreciated every bit of it? What if we spoke this goodness out loud for those around us to hear and understand?

We are so lucky to have this life and to be in this moment. Let's create a practice of love and gratitude to celebrate our lives at every turn. 


Daily Gratitude Practice

Establishing a daily gratitude practice has been crucial in my life. It has changed the way I look at just about everything. I find myself saying "Aren't we so lucky. . . (to be experiencing this, to have this, to be seeing this, to be feeling this, etc.)" all. the. time! My gratitude practice has blossomed from something I thought about every now and then to something I speak out loud as often as I can. This didn't and sometimes still doesn't always come easy, but the heart expanding and love growing it brings is worth the effort. 

Here are a few fun ways that you can integrate gratitude into your daily life:

  • Use gratitude as a book ends to our day - Start and end each day by listing at least three things you feel grateful for

  • Begin a gratitude journal to keep track of all your heart feels thankful for

  • Join our 5 day Love Your Life ecourse (links above and below) to get your gratitude practice off the ground

  • If you notice a negative thought you are having about something, change it to a positive. ("UGH! There is so much traffic." or "If I have to sit in traffic at least I get to listen to this podcast a little bit longer! Oh and look at that beautiful sunset!")

  • Do your best not to complain or criticize for a week.

  • Give at least one genuine compliment to someone each day

  • Join our Gratitude Club (details below) to help you establish a daily gratitude practice

  • Write a thank you card to anyone who has shown you love and kindness (checkout our thank you cards in The Gratitude Club)

  • When spending time with others, let them know how much you appreciate their time

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The Gratitude Club

It is not only important to show gratitude for our own lives, but also to those around us. The Gratitude Club is a monthly subscription to all things gratitude. You will find everything you need to show and grow gratitude in your life and in the lives of others right here in this subscription. 

  • Write your gratitude on our mini gratitude notepads

  • Send a postcard to someone who showed you love

  • Give a thank you card to a person you feel most grateful for

Subscribe today and start a habit of gratitude in your life. 

What Are You Grateful For?

Fill out the brief form and share what you are feeling most grateful for. We will share it here. 

Your thoughts of gratitude have the power to uplift the world.