Live Love Kitchen


Here you will find some vegan recipes, some family favorites, and some new traditions.

Over past year or so, preparing food has become such an expression of love.

Throughout my mom's healing journey with cancer, and through mountains of research and guidance, I have found that working towards establishing a plant-based (vegan) kitchen is what is best for me and my family.

This is not something that we execute perfectly, but every day we do our best to make healthy, healing choices for our bodies.

This practice has grown from a place of knowledge to a place of abundant love. Every meal that I prepare is done with the understanding that I am growing nothing but love in people's hearts and bodies. Sometimes that means vegan and sometimes that means making my grandma‚Äôs famous, oh so not vegan Christmas Eve queso.


Good Morning, Sunshine - Chia Pudding

This delicious nutrient filled chia pudding is my go-to morning meal. It is creamy, sweet, and versatile. 

This meal is made even better when served in our Start With Love Mugs as a beautiful reminder of how each day should begin. 

Made of Sunshine - Coconut Lemon Bars

Stop what you are doing and go make these sweet creamy treats. Your tastebuds will thank you. Your family will celebrate you. People will come for miles just to watch you make them. 

Seriously, they are that good.


Everybody's Most Favorite - Lasagna

This meal has been served on my table more times than I can count. It is savory goodness that every guest is sure to fall madly in love with. 

You will never again need to search for another lasagna recipe.


Falling In Love - Ginger Cocktail or Mocktail

Whether you make this cocktail alcoholic or not, this recipe is what dreams are made of. It is fresh, flexible, and dang fantastic!

It can be made in large batches ahead of time for fun parties or individually for a night in with a few friends.  

Save The Day - Big ol' Green Salad

I love this salad. It has all of the elements you could ever wish for in a meal. It is crispy, savory, a little sweet, and filled with healthy nutrients that our bodies need to thrive. 

This salad is forever saving the day when you just have no idea what to eat. 

Love Thy Neighbor - Banana Bread

I love to make this banana bread for people as a gift. New neighbor just moved in, friend hosting a party, family member in need of a little extra love - have no fear this banana bread recipe is here. 

It is always a total and complete hit.