Living Love - Toxic Free Home

Once my family and I removed the toxins from our food we moved on to remove the toxins from all of the products in our home. Young Living essential oils have been the single best thing to support us in this process.

Like anything this transition has been a process, but with love and patience anything is possible.  I can proudly say that I no longer purchase a single toxic chemical filled product from any store. This all in thanks to Young Living. 

I would like to invite you to join me in the removal of the toxins from your own home. We have so little control over what we are exposed to in the world, but we are the gatekeepers of our own space. We have to ability to control everything that enters through our doors. There is power in this and I would like to challenge you to educate yourself on the level of toxicity in the products you are currently using. Then use that knowledge to make an educated decision about what you will continue to allow in your home.

Essential Oils have become a passion of mine and I would love to share all that I have learned with you. Let me help you in creating a toxic free home. 


Why You Should Join Young Living With Me

Using Essential Oils is a not only a way of showing and growing love in my life but also a beautiful expression of self-love. Each time I reach for a product infused with essential oils it is a love letter written from my heart to my heart.  (I have been a member of Young Living for a little over a year. As the knowledge of what was in my old products came flooding in they just as quickly went flooding out of my life. I returned items, recycled bottles, and got rid of everything that was no long serving me. I am telling my body that I am willing to do what is best for it. ...)

My Favorite Young Living Products

I have grown to love so many things about Young Living as a brand, but have fallen madly in love with the products they offer to their members. Here you will find some of my favorite Young Living products as well as ways that I have incorporated them into my life.  (YL products, makeup etc, and amazon links for other products.)

Toothpaste Recipe - link to toothbrushes on amazon

Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

Remember to plug all amazon products for this soap and the serum

Face Serum