Because we know that sometimes a single piece of stationery just isn't quite enough to say all of things your heart needs to say, we have designed a collection of love letter journals for you to be a part of.

The Gypsy Love Letter Journal is a traveling collection of handwritten love letter journals.

Like a gypsy travels by the beat of their heart and the change of the wind, so does this journal. Love letters are written and passed along from person to person and heart to heart until the journal reaches it's final page. It is then returned to The Love Letter Library and turned into a bound paperback book for all participants to have the opportunity to share in the experience of the final product. 

The Constellation Journal are love letters written and bound together by happenstance. 

Participants of this journal write a love letter about anything on their hearts and send it to The Love Letter Library. Once we have received enough love letters to complete an entire volume, they will be compiled together creating a unique paperback book. Every participant of the book will receive the volume they were a part of. This book will include their love letter as well as many others.

“This whole process helped me unpack feelings, love, and memories that I had tucked away into corners of my heart. I cried and laughed and released... Thank you” - RE


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