Love + Literacy


Before I embarked on this love letter journey I was a Middle School English Teacher for 6 years. My passion was sharing my love of the written word with my students. Providing guidance and encouragement to help them find the books that would light their souls on fire and hopefully create life-long readers.

It is because of my love of literacy that I began this literacy movement. I am thrilled to share it with you. I hope that you and I will have the opportunity to connect over our shared love of literacy. 

Join Us

There are three ways that you can join us in growing love + literacy.

Book of The Month and Children's Book of The Month

Each month we will feature a new book that warms our hearts and inspires our souls. 

Join us.

Stop Drop + Read is a movement designed to grow literacy in the world through leaving books in public places for people to find.

Choose a book.

Drop it in the world.

Grow wild literacy.


{Pssst: there is free download}

A Love Letter Bookmark is a bookmark designed specifically to grow love and encourage literacy. It is an extension of our popular movement, Stop Drop and Love Letter. However, this unique love letter comes in the form of a bookmark.