Love + a Mission


Our mission is simple.

We want to keep love growing in the our hearts, in our lives, and the world around us.


We have experienced the magic that a hand-written letter can bring into a life. We have felt the love that comes rushing in when you write a love letter to a stranger with nothing more then the simple intention of growing love. 

We believe that the most valuable thing we have to hold on to is each other. We believe that love has the power to change a life and shift a world view. We believe in heart to heart and pen to paper connection.

Our belief that love is the strongest force in the universe is the reason we created The Love Letter Library. What better way to show up in life than through love.

Our ideas and designs are simple and easily integrated into your daily life.

Sip your morning coffee out of our Start With Love mug as a gentle reminder that everything is better when you begin it with the intention of love. 

Leave our Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery and Cards of Love throughout the day, sprinkling the magic of love to strangers. 

Send the gift of a monthly Love Club or Gratitude Club subscription to a close friend. 

Join us in the endless ways to keep love growing.