love your heart


"You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck."  Rumi

It all starts right here. Every action you take starts with the love you give to yourself. When you aim to grow love in the world, that love must first be grown in your own heart.

As a part of this Live Love Lifestyle, developing a daily practice of loving your own heart is step one. The love we give to those around us comes from the heart we are responsible for caring for.

Loving ourselves truly is the root of where everything begins.


Live Love - Kitchen

My favorite recipes are the ones that nourish both your heart as well as your body.

Here you will find family recipes passed down for generations, new favorites, and an appreciation for food that celebrates life.


Live Love - Chemical-Free Home

Once we know better, we should do better. This is my mantra for my life, for the love I give, and for my health.

Here you will find all of the ways that I have removed harmful chemicals from my home and my life. 


Live Love - Self Care

Each day is a new opportunity to love not just others but yourself. What are you doing today to care for your own heart?

Here you will find my favorite daily self-love and self-care practices.


E-Course - $8

The Love Your Heart e-course is a 5 day e-course designed to help you integrate a practice of loving your own heart.

Each day for 5 days, you will be sent an email that outlines a few of my daily practices that promote a healthy self-love environment in your home and in your life.