The Constellation Journal {Genre Edition}


The Constellation Journal {Genre Edition}


The Constellation Journal {Genre Edition} - a  constellation of love letters bound together by radical connection.

Is the Constellation Love Letter Journal {Genre Edition} right for you?

If there is a significant story from your life that you keep close to your heart and you feel compelled to share with the world, then The Constellation Journal {Genre Edition} is right for you.

We all carry with us stories of love, hope, grief, raw emotion, and celebration.  Sometimes these are stories that we have had with us for years and sometimes they are the story we are living right now. Through the composition of your love letter you have an opportunity to share your story in order to connect with and inspire others.

Join us by helping to create a  constellation of love letters bound together by radical connection for the purpose of bringing hope, healing and light into the hearts of those who need it most.

Once you have ordered your Constellation Journal {Genre Edition}, a form will be delivered to your email for you to compose your love letter. We will then organize and collect the love letters that will be a part of your books edition and send you the finished product, a paperback copy of love letters organized by the genre of the story you chose to share. (for example - if the love letter that you composed was centered around hope, the theme of your books love letters will be around stories of hope as well.)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at:

Your purchase includes:

  • A emailed form to capture the story you wish to share
  • A 50 page bound paperback Constellation Journal {Genre Edition} book
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