falling in love

Cocktail or Mocktail Recipe

Whether you make this cocktail alcoholic or not, this recipe is what dreams are made of. It is fresh, flexible, and dang fantastic! It can be made in large batches ahead of time for fun parties or individually for a night in with a few friends.

The idea for this fun cocktail came straight from my deep rooted love of all things ginger and all things love. The beauty of this cocktail is that it can be enjoyed equally with or without alcohol any time of the year. The fresh taste of blackberries, the herbal notes of the basil, and the sweet spicy twist from the ginger beer are all you could ever ask for in a beverage. 

Thinking of hosting a dinner party? Pair this with our Everybody’s Favorite Pasta Alfredo recipe and a memorable evening is sure to be had by all.

Grab a  friend, head to the patio, and celebrate life with our Falling In Love Cocktail.


Falling In Love Cocktail


  1. Pour Ginger Beer (my favorite is here) and vodka into your favorite glass or to make it even more magical our Start With Love - mugs (you can find them here).

  2. Add the blackberries and a few basil leafs and smash them up!

  3. Stir well and add ice.

  4. If you are feeling extra fancy, like I’m sure you are, garnish with a few remaining blackberries and basil leafs.


  • 5 oz - Ginger Beer

  • 1 oz - vodka

  • 4-5 - basil leafs

  • 4-5 - black berries or any berries you love