everybody's favorite  

Classic Lasagna


This meal has been served on my table more times than I can count. It is savory goodness that every guest is sure to fall madly in love with. You will never again need to search for another Lasagna recipe. 

To me, Lasagna should be creamy, cheesy, and leave a crowd of people feeling full and happy.


Everybody’s Favorite Classic Lasagna

By FAR, my favorite lasagna is an older recipe by The Barefoot Contessa. I mean, who doesn’t love her?!? I have made this recipe for dinner parties, to take to friends as a gift, for potlucks, for birthday celebrations, and so much more. Every. Single. Time. It is a hit.

Serve this along side our Tates Like Love - Spinach Salad and your dinner guests will leave with full hearts and full tummies, I promise.

If I had to give you one tip when making this recipe it would be to not skip the goat cheese. The creaminess that it brings to the recipe is unparalleled.

Make too much? No worries, it freezes amazingly.

Vegetarian? Substitute the sausage in the recipe for your favorite brand of meat substitute. My personal favorite is the Beyond Meat Sweet Italian Sausage.

I hope that you enjoy this family favorite as much as I do.