"Little by little, a little becomes a lot."

Tanzanian Proverb

Stop Drop and Love Letter was inspired by a combination of our affinity for love letters and the beauty of discovering something wonderful and unexpected in the world. People from all of the world have purchased our Stop Drop and Love Letter Bundles and are writing love letters for others to discover in the world. Single, small acts of love that when done over and over have the power to change the world.

This love has been documented on social media (mostly Instagram) through photos as well as through sharing the love letters themselves using the hashtag #stopdropandloveletter.

We would love to follow along and share your Stop Drop and Love Letter experience. Send us any pictures, comments, or words of love that you have shared with the world at: theloveletterlibrary@gmail.com. You can also tag us on social media: @theloveletterlibrary or use the hashtag: #stopdropandloveletter. 

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We cannot fully express how much our hearts have grown from this campaign of creating random acts of love. We have witnessed peoples reactions to finding the letters first-hand, we have connected with the people who found them through social media, and we have inspired others to write and leave their own love letters.  We are so grateful to be on this journey and hope you will join us.