Dear Friend, 

The Love Letter Library is a collection of love letters and love letter journals written by people from all over the world who have a desire to spread love and create every day magic in the world. We are the movers and shakers and the love letter makers. With courage, we commit to blaze the trail of love for others to join. We are the pioneers of a life led by love. 

The Love Letter Library was established on the simple idea that this world could use a little more love. Somewhere along the way we have lost some of the magic that used to exist simply by not taking the time to notice it. 

We connect through texts, emails, newsletters, and comments, and it seems to us that just as quickly as the words are written they are gone. We have moved on to the next conversation, post, or article. Despite the words meaning or significance, once they have dropped below our newsfeed it is as if they no longer exist.  Their voice has now become silenced by the ever demanding world of information.  As our words have become shortened and abbreviated so has their meaning.  And my friends, we are longing for meaning.  

We are longing for something to grab our hands and open our hearts. The slow and steady pulse of love weaved into our too busy and too guarded life. 

We don’t just want this for ourselves; we want this for every person who has ever longed for a deeper connection, a reminder that they are loved, or a moment of truth in a sea of babble. 


So, this rant is a call to action. These words are asking you to join us in a pen to paper, heart to heart revolution.  

Sending love to every space in our hearts and every corner of the world. Let’s write together, and letter by letter we can cultivate a love letter revolution.  Instead of passively watching the world burn, let's create a space for LOVE to set the world on fire.

Every word that is written holds the power to change the world.  

So, thank you for your participation in The Love Letter Library.  We are so happy to know you.



Nicole Ahr

Founder - The Love Letter Library


{Just in case the ever demanding world of information is calling you at this moment and this is the last thing you read and the only thing that we get to share together, we want you to know that we love you.  You are amazing and good. Your life is beautiful just the way it is.  We hope you are happy and we hope you feel love.}