Love Letters & Essential Oils


Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes and I have found that having the right tools in my toolbox is key. Young Living Essential Oils is one of the tools I reach for on a daily basis. I use them for health and wellness, a clean home and a clean body, makeup, and most importantly as a means to help me embrace, share, and balance emotions. 

I have been using Young Living essential oils in my love letter writing practice and there is nothing that has helped me open my heart more. I am healing and helping, motivating and moving, and grieving and giving. This essential oil practice is abundantly filled with love for myself, love for my heart, and love for the world. 

They have been just what my heart has needed to dig deeper and love harder. 

My heart is bursting to be sharing with you the new essential addition in my love letter practice. 

Follow the steps below to see how you too can integrated Young Living essential oils into your love letter writing practice as well as your everyday life. 

Stop Drop and Love Letter - Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Each bottle has been designed to be filled with the perfect blend of essential oils to better help with everyday emotions as well as an addition to your regular love letter writing practice. Simply fill the bottles with your favorite essential oils or our suggested oil recipes, roll on, and live your day knowing that these oils have your back.