Birthdays + Kindness


The best way I have found to celebrate my birthday is by giving love and kindness to others throughout the day. For the past 4 years I have celebrated my birthday by doing Random Acts of Birthday Kindness throughout the day.

This year, I am turning 34 and will be doing 34 Random Acts of Birthday Kindness.

I choose to spend my birthday in this way because I am forever grateful for everything, both good and bad, that has happened in my life . In an effort to share my gratitude, I give as much love as I possibly can on this single day.

Join me in celebrating your own birthday with love and kindness by downloading the free printout below. 

2018 - 34 Random Acts of Love

  1. Hold the door open for as many strangers as possible (dang those automatic doors sometimes make this difficult)

  2. Take flowers to a nursing home

  3. Buy coffee for the people in line behind me at Starbucks

  4. Post a coffee card on Instagram (pay attention to my posts tomorrow)

  5. Handout balloons to kids

  6. Leave a treat for my mail carrier

  7. Donate toys/towels/food to a local animal shelter

  8. Donate clothes to the women's shelter

  9. Donate food to the food bank

  10. Take my mom to lunch

  11. Take some treats to the local fire station

  12. Take some treats to the local police station

  13. Drop love letters for #StopDropandLoveLetter

  14. Drop books for #StopDropandRead

  15. Return carts to the store

  16. Handout water at a bus stop (it's a million degrees in Texas)

  17. Talk to a few stranger and find something in common with them (we are all more alike than we are different)

  18. Let someone go in line before me

  19. Leave a gift card at a register for the next person in line

  20. Purchase a dessert for someone at the restaurant either at lunch or dinner

  21. Leave popcorn on a redbox

  22. Give as many genuine compliments as I can

  23. Do not say one word of complaint! (and if I do, then I will say 10 things I am grateful for - life is to beautiful to be walking around complaining)

  24. Ask my friends to share in my acts of kindness by doing 1 or 2 themselves

  25. Place love letter mini cards on car windshields

  26. Help someone load groceries into their car

  27. Take treats to a few neighbors

  28. Call my grandma to tell her I wish I was able to be celebrating with her

  29. Hug a few willing strangers (I love hugs!)

  30. Offer to pump someone's gas. (This is a big one for me, because I HATE to pump gas)

  31. Take a treat to a friend at work

  32. Smile at strangers

  33. Write a thank you card to the people who own my favorite restaurant, Thai Dee (if you are in the San Antonio area, you MUST try it!)

  34. Be present in every interaction I am a part of (This day can be so busy trying to fit in all of the acts of love. I want to make sure I am soaking in every experience.)

Print these cards as an easy way to share your Random Acts of Birthday Kindness with others. As you go about your day, leave a card with each kind act you do.  Each card also encourages the recipients to share in the birthday celebration by doing their own Random Act of Birthday Kindness.