Join us in our weekly kindness challenge. We will be sharing a single random acts of kindness for you to commit to doing with us each week.

Every Tuesday, we will post on Facebook and Instagram what each week’s random act of kindness will be.

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It is our mission to help you keep love growing in your heart, in your life, and in the the world around you.


The founder of The Love Letter Library, Nicole Ahr was recently featured on a local news network. Take a look at the video and learn a little bit more about The Love Letter Library and the intention behind everything we do. 

Cards of Love

Make this the Year of Love

Begin your new year with the intention of growing love all year long.

The Write Your Love ecourse is a 52 week long love letter how-to course.

When you join, you will receive one love-filled email a week for a full year, and from your very first email, you will begin a guided practice of creating a space in your life to Write Your Love. Join us.

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The Gratitude Club

Stop Drop + Love Letter

Write a love letter. Drop it in the world. Grow wild love. 

Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery was inspired by a combination of our affinity for love letters and the beauty of discovering something wonderful and unexpected in the world. The perfect serendipitous moment where someone finds a love letter meant for anyone, but somehow also only meant for them.

Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery is the creation of magical moments in everyday life. Join us.

Love + Literacy

  • Book of The Month/Children's Book of The Month - Each month we will be highlighting a book that has sparked inspiration, provided motivation, or in some way filled our hearts with love.

  • Stop Drop and Read - Download our FREE bookmark and join us in leaving books around the world for people to find and share in our love of literacy.

  • Love Letter Bookmark - Use this bookmark to inspire simple words of love and leave them in the pages of your favorite books.

The Saturday Love Letter Series

When you sign-up for our newsletter (below) you will also receive a weekly installment of The Saturday Love Letter Series, a free love letter written and delivered right to your inbox every Saturday. 

GIVEAWAY: Every Saturday we choose one lucky recipient of The Saturday Love Letter Series to receive a beautiful wrapped canvas with the week's love letter printed on it. All you have to do to enter is be signed up to receive our newsletter. This giveaway is sponsored by CanvasHQ.