live love - self-care


When life gets busy it is so easy to take ourselves off of the priority list. In reality it is ourselves that need to be prioritized first. You can not pour out of an empty cup, so taking the time to care for yourself is not just needed it is necessary. Fill yourself up with the things that you love, so that when you are needed in the world you have plenty to share.

How often do you truly take the time to care for yourself and your own heart? You are more than worthy of the time and effort of self care. Make yourself a priority. 


20 Simple and Fun Self-Care Ideas:

  • Take a long warm bath with healing essential oils

  • Be mindful and show attention to one task at a time

  • Unplug from social media and/or screens all together for an hour or maybe even a day

  • Edit your social media feeds to include only people who bring you joy

  • Create a compliments file on your phone and keep track of nice things people say to you

  • Go for a walk or jog

  • Start a journal

  • Go on a self-date and treat yourself to something you've been wanting to do

  • Remember it is ok to ask for help

  • Get a message

  • Have a solo dance party (I usually do this while cooking!)

  • Be selective with who you share your time with

  • Don't just text - call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while

  • Wear your favorite outfit (even if you wore it the day before - hello, uniform!)

  • Buy or pick flowers to place around your space

  • Take the time to prepare healthy foods for yourself

  • Take a nap

  • Get time in the sunlight

  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water

  • Make time to meditate and/or pray everyday