Our first ecourse, Write Your Love is here to support and guide you on your love letter writing journey. 

This is an invitation to become a part of a love letter revolution and to join a movement rooted in kindness. Let's join hands and hearts and change the world, one love letter at a time. 

The practice of love letter writing has changed my life, and I have taken my thoughts, stories, and heart opening ideas and turned them into a course just for you. When I first started writing love letters I had no idea the amazing group of people that would come along with me on this journey. The Write You Love ecourse is for anyone and everyone who wants to write their love and share it with the world. 

This ecourse will create a weekly intentional practice of love and love letter writing and guide you through sharing that love with the world. It is my hope that when you walk away from this year, you are left with a burning desire to forever Write Your Love. 


The Write Your Love ecourse is a 52 week email course that will send you one email a week for a full year. 

From your very first email, you will begin a guided practice of creating a space in your life to Write Your Love. 


The Write Your Love ecourse will:

  • create a space for love to grow in your heart, in your life, and in the world around you
  • guide you through the love letter writing process
  • introduce gentle practices of self-love
  • provide you with ideas of what to write
  • offer healing opportunities for the tender places in your heart
  • bring an intentional practice of love to your life 
  • prompt you to journal about your self-talk around love
  • suggest fun ways to integrate a practice of love letter writing into your life


You Can Expect:

  • Weekly stories from my life and the process for how I learned to write my love
  • Weekly love letters from my heart to yours
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Weekly topic guided love letter writing
  • Access to a private Facebook group to inspire and be inspired by other people writing their love
  • A Spotify playlist filled with songs meant to literally motivate you to be 'a mover and a shake and a love letter maker'
  • Ideas and loving dares for dropping your love letters
  • Love letter goal and progress tracking sheets
  • and so much more

As you begin the Write Your Love practice you will notice an elevation in the love that you hold for the world.

Even the darkest of times will prove there is light to be found.

Write Your Love and bravely open your heart and bravely share it with the world. Join us for what has proven to be a life changing practice. 

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Connection and Community:

When you sign-up for the Write Your Love ecourse, you will also be invited to join our private Facebook group to share in the community of love letter writing. Each person is invited to share their process as much or as little about their love letter writing practice including stories, experiences, and images of their dropped letters. It is my hope that the love and inspiration created there will cultivate radical courage to Write Your Love. 

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL - Due to the nature of this ecourse, without exception all sales are final.