Love Letter Bookmark


The idea for creating a bookmark that took the place of a traditional letter came from my love of leaving our original Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery in books.

I walk through my favorite library and leave envelopes filled my words of encouragement and love in book after book. I leave them amongst the pages of books in almost every store I walk into. Creating a bookmark was a natural extension of my love to leave my words in the pages of my favorite books. 

Use this bookmark to inspire simple words of love and leave them in the pages of your favorite books. 

1. Write a love letter on the back of this bookmark.

2. Drop it in the pages of your favorite book still on the shelf of a library or bookstore. (be sure you allow the top of the back of the bookmark to stick out of the book, so someone sees it.)

3. Take a picture of your process and share it on social media with the hashtag: #StopDropandLoveLetter.



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