Stop Drop + Read

Stop Drop + Read was designed to create a fun and magical experience while at the same time growing literacy in the word.

The steps are simple:

1) Choose a book.

2) Drop it in the world.

3) Grow wild literacy.

Would you like to share your book drop along with your experience on social media? Simply take a picture of your drop with the top part of the free downloadable bookmark (link below) sticking out of the book and post it on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag: #StopDropandRead.


In an effort to make the experience even more exciting, we have provided a free downloadable PDF of the official Stop Drop + Read Bookmark below.

YAY, go literacy!

Join us.


Where to find books that are inexpensive for you to drop:

  • Your own bookshelf (we all have those books that we no longer want hanging around)
  • Goodwill
  • A local library book sale
  • A garage/estate sale