The Great Love Drop is a world-wide love letter dropping event. 

The last Sunday of May will now officially be known as the day of The Great Love Drop. A day where people from all around the world come together to grow as much love as their two hands possibly can. 

How It Works

1) Buy the postcard stationery avaialble on this website.

2) Write as many love letters as you'd like. 

3) Drop them all on May 29th. Where ever you find yourself on this day, leave a little love behind. 

4) Share your letter writing process and locations of dropped letters on social media using the hashtag: #TheGreatLoveDrop and #StopDropandLoveLetter


A single day focused on our most popular stationery and community campaign, Stop Drop and Love Letter. 

Write a love letter.

Drop it in the world.

Grow wild love.

This stationery has been written in and dropped in almost every state and 9 countries. On May 29th, we will bring the spirit of these love letters together to be dropped on a single day. 


The idea for The Great Love Drop came from my love of celebrating. We have celebrations and holidays for so many different things in this life, and I wanted there to be a day to celebrate LOVE. Not like the kind of love we celebrate on Valentine's Day, but the kind of love we all deserve every. single. day. 

And so, The Great Love Drop was born.


Participation in The Great Love Drop is possible from where ever you stand in this world. 


However, if you live in the San Antonio area, The Love Letter Library will be hosting a local Great Love Drop event offering 500 free love letters. 

The Great Love Drop will be held on the lawn in front of The Twig Book Shop. There will be delicious glutton free pastries provided by the amazing Real Crumbles Bakery and free yoga classes including a photo booth presented by Mobile Om.

Family, friends, and pet friendly. 

Join us!

For more information about the The Great Love Drop - San Antonio Event, click below.