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Write Your Love ecourse + 52 Stop Drop and Love Letter Stationery

With this purchase you will not only be enrolled in the Write Your Love ecourse, but will also receive 52 Stop Drop and Love Letter cards and envelopes to assist you with the complete experience of writing your love. 

Write Your Love is a love letter writing how-to that will inspire and encourage you to write more love letters and share them with the world.

You will receive one email a week for a full year creating a habit of growing love in your heart, in your life, and in the world around you. 

You Can Expect:

  • 52 - cards and envelopes delivered right to your doorstep
  • Weekly stories from my life and the process for how I learned to write my love
  • Weekly love letters from my heart to yours
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Weekly topic guided love letter writing
  • Access to a private Facebook group to inspire and be inspired by other people writing their love
  • A Spotify Playlist filled with songs meant to literally motivate you to be 'a mover and a shake and a love 
  • letter maker'
  • Ideas and loving dares for dropping your love letters
  • Monthly love letter goal and progress tracking sheets

Join us.

*Shipping for the stationery is included in the price. 

*Please allow a maximum of 48 hours to be added to the class. 

*Due to the nature of this course, without exception there are no refunds. 

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