A monthly subscription to all things love.

The Love Club is the best way to Keep Love Growing in your heart, your life, and in the world around you.

Each month a love-filled subscription that includes a combination of The Love Letter Library's most popular products will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Every Month The Love Club Includes:

  • (5) - Stop Drop and Love Letter - Stationery 
  • (10) - Cards of Love
  • (5) - Stop Drop and Compliment - Mini Cards
  • (5) - Stop Drop and Love Letter - Bookmarks
  • (1) - Start with Love - Pencil
  • (1) - Love Is My Jam - Pencil
  • (1) - Monthly love letter written from my heart to yours
  • Shipping is included in the price of the subscription

Each bundle is filled with nothing but handmade love from our hearts to yours.

"I have subscribed to The Love Club since the first month and it just gets better and better! I have become known as the love letter girl, because I always have one with me to drop. This club has added so much love to my life. I am so grateful."

CT - Portland, OR

"The Love Club has changed my life in a very positive and subtle way!! I've always wanted to be "a writer" But I've always felt the voice in my head would change and I wouldn't be able to focus my thoughts. They were just ramblings. Now, I have an amazing amount of focus and I write love letters a couple times a week. I feel so fortunate to have found you (The Love Letter Library) on Instagram. It's been a miracle and a true blessing." 

JS - Eagle, ID